Instructor Activity Summary


Report Overview 

Instructor Activity Summary is a new default report within IntelliBoard Next! 


This report displays detailed information about instructor behavior within courses and learners, including instructor email and a link to the course, and count of submissions broken out by grade status. It can be filtered by category/course, course start date, and course end date.


You can locate this report by clicking on Library > Reports > Instructor Activity Summary. Additionally, you can also utilize the search bar and type in the name of the report to locate it. 




Report Details


Note that this particular report is a table with multiple columns. Included in the screenshot above include, the course name, the course category, teacher name, teacher email, course start date, teacher last access date, number of students, last student access date, assignment submissions, graded submissions, ungraded submissions, oldest graded submissions, and more! 


This report is tremendously useful in providing an overarching snapshot of instructor activity level and provides those who require it, the ability to supervise and inform best practices within an institution. 


Please utilize if you need further assistance or instruction. We are happy to assist you! 

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