Engagement Dashboard



The Engagement dashboard combines line charts showing visits per participant and time spent per participant with the Engagement Detail by Date report. It can be filtered by Categories/Courses, dates of activity, and role.


To locate this dashboard- please navigate to Library > Dashboards. 


Here is what you will see when you first select the Engagement Dashboard: 

Note that your data will vary dependent upon the information in your course. We are currently utilizing simulated data to demonstrate the capabilities of these particular charts. 




Let us break down this particular dashboard into its three major components.


The first is Participants Per Week mceclip2.png

As you can see in this image above, when you hover over a particular number, the student name with the number of visits that participant made per week is listed. This is filtered by course- so you can see exactly what student visited and how many times during that particular week. 


The second component of this dashboard is Time Spent Per Week:


This image shows how much time each student spent in the course on any given week. You will note that I am currently hovering over the student shown above so that his data is clearly displayed. You can also do this with your own students to see their specific data in regard to Time Spent Per Week. 


The last portion of the dashboard includes Engagement Detail by Date. 

mceclip4.pngThis last section of the dashboard includes a detailed table that shows the individual name, the role of the individual within the course, the total number of visits, and the total time spent within the course. This chart is useful if you prefer a table that clearly lists out every student and the applicable information associated to them within the course. 


If you have questions about utilizing this dashboard within your institution please reach out to helpdesk@intelliboard.net and we would be happy to assist you !! 

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