Completion Stats (Course Completions)

The Completion Stats report displays learner progress bar and items completed against the total within the course.  It is frequently used to quickly view course and learner completion.


  1. Search for data in your report instantly.
  2. Filter dates: Choose specific dates to filter by when the learner was enrolled in the course.
  3. Export data into designated formats and add your LMS user profile fields to this report.
  4. Email the report or schedule the report for future email delivery.
  5. Need help? Click the red chat box or schedule training.


First Name & Last Name Learner's First and Last Names as entered the LMS system
Email Learner's Email as entered in the LMS system
Course Learner's enrolled course; be sure to change the filter by "1" above
Enrolled The date the learner was enrolled in the course
Progress Displays the visual progress of the number of items completed (blue bar) compared to the total number of items in the course (grey bar)
Completed Items Displays the numeric progress of the number of items completed
Time Completed The date/time when the learner completed the entire course


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