Exporting Data and User Profile Fields Overview

Exporting and Printing Overview

Say no to speculation. Your data is too powerful not to share. Information on Exporting and Printing and Changing Data Columns/Filters is just below.




Copies the current visible report results to your computer clipboard.

NOTE: This only copies what you can see.  If you want to copy more fields, scroll to the bottom of the report, and expand the rows from the default of 10 to 25, 50 or 100. 

CSV Exports ALL the report data to .CSV format. 
Excel Exports ALL the report data to .XLS format.
PDF Exports ALL the report data to .PDF format.
Print Sends entire report to your default printing device for printing.
  See below for more information on the "Hamburger" or "More" icon.



Clicking the far right button on the export bar, known as "Hamburger", pulls up the dialog box below.  

  • The "Reports Field" drill down allows you to add/delete data columns on your report by selecting/de-selecting the checkbox on the left. The Red Flag, on the right side, serves as a filter. 
  • The "User profile fields" drill down, allows you to add fields specific that were set-up in your LMS system.
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