Corporate Report Directory

As a Corporate IntelliBoard user, the following reports have been pre-populated into your IntelliBoard account. 

Links below will bring you to the corresponding support page. Reports are organized as they are found in your IntelliBoard account.

You may add existing reports to your dashboard. Want to add report or schedule training? We are here to help!

You may also request a report to be created. To do so, click the "Request Report" link on the bottom of your dashboard in IntelliBoard.


Report Name  This report...
Inactive Users ... displays all users access information with a filter for inactivity.
Learner Access Analytics ... displays graphically learner site access.
Learner Activity Summary ... displays cumulative activity stats for specific learners. (At-Risk Learners)
Learner Compared to Course Average ... displays a specific learner against the average of his/her peers.  (At-Risk Learners)
Learner Engagement ... displays learner number of courses, time on site, courses, & activities.
Learner Progress ... displays learner progress by course, grade & completion.
Learner Status ... displays learner score, time & completion.
Learner Success & Progress ... displays learner grades & progress bar. (At-Risk Learners)
Overdue Learners ... displays overdue learners by course, completion date, & completion status



Report Name  This report...
Completion Stats ... displays learner progress bar & items completed against the total within the course.
Course Access ... displays learner enrollments and access.
Course Access Details ... displays details of learners who have accessed the course.
Course Active Summary ... displays course stats of time spent,visits, & average score.
Course Content Utilization ... displays how content is utilized by learners in the course.
Course Inactivity ... displays course inactivity within a given date range.
Course Progress ... displays learner course progress & current score.
Course Stats ... displays cumulative course stats filterable by course.



Report Name This report...
Course Revenue Generation ... displays revenue generated by course, if applicable.
Enrollment Analytics ... displays geographic data for enrollments & enrollment detail.
Enrollment Method Summary ... displays summary enrollment methods & corresponding learners.
Enrollment Method Details ... displays enrollment method details, date, & learner status.



Report Name This report...
Activity Stats Summary ... displays cumulative activity information filtered by course.
Activity Status Detail ... displays activity details for specific learners or by course.
Expired Certificates ... displays expired learner certificates.
Past Due Assignments ... displays past due assignments by learner.
QUIZZES: Activity Detail by Learner ... displays learner performance quiz detail by learner.
QUIZZES: Attempts Summary by Course ... displays cumulative quiz summary data by course.
QUIZZES: Attempts Summary by Quiz ... displays quiz attempts summary by quiz.
QUIZZES: Grade Detail by Learner ... displays learner quiz performance and question response details.
QUIZZES: Grade Distribution ... displays quiz grade distribution and attempts.
QUIZZES: Quiz Overview & Question Detail ... displays quiz stats and question breakdowns.
SCORM: Activity Detail ... displays learner attempts and detail for specific SCORM content.
SCORM: Activity Summary by Course ... displays summary data for specific SCORM content.
SCORM: Occurrence(s) by Course ... displays the quantity of SCORM content present within courses.


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