Instructor Dashboard Reports Overview

The links (Report Name) below will bring you to the corresponding support page. Reports are organized as they are found in your Instructor Dashboard. Your LMS System Administrator is able to add or remove reports from your dashboard.  If you have questions about report access, please contact your LMS System Administrator. 


Report Name

What does this report do?

Course Content Utilization

... displays the duration of time learners spend on specific course content/events/activities.

Course Inactivity

... displays course inactivity within a chosen date range.

Demographics Distribution ... displays learner populations by a chosen demographic or user field. 
Forum Activity Summary by Course ... displays forum data and participation summary.  It is frequently used to evaluate forum participation. 
Learner Content Completion ... displays the percentage of learner content completion by course during a specific time.  
Learner Engagement ... displays learner engagement through time spent in the site, courses, and activities (weighted against total number of courses).
Learner Forum Participation Survey ... displays the summary of learner discussions and posts.
Learner Performance ... displays learner's graded performance compared to the completed activities.
Learner Success & Progress ... displays a learner’s cumulative course progress.
Quiz Grade Detail by Learner ... displays learner quiz performance, progress, and time spent.


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