Course Content Utilization (Instructor Dashboard)

The Course Content Utilization report displays the duration of time learners spend on specific course content/events/activities.


  1. Instructor Dashboard Access: Click here! For the report directory, click here!
  2. Need more help? Click here!
  3. Search: Find specific data in your report by type a word or words into the "Search" box.  Click 'OK'. To go back to the full report, delete your search words and click 'OK' again.  NOTE: This is a great way to filter by Course, Learner, Activity, etc.
  4. Time Period Filter: Click the the hyphen to open the calendar.  Drag and drop to select a time period.  Hover over the date range to see a tool-tip describing the filter. NOTE: Don't forget to change the dates for other reports.
  5. Export: Click the "CSV" drill down to bring up the following options: CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML. Choose your option and click 'OK'. Your data will download automatically in the format you chose.


First Name & Last Name Learner's name as entered in the LMS system
Course  Course name as entered in the LMS system
Type Type of content in the LMS system
Activity  Type of activity in the LMS system
Visits The number of times the learner has accessed the associated content in the LMS system
Time Spent The amount of times learner spent accessing the associated content in the LMS system
First Access The first time the learner accessed the content
Last Access The last time the learner accessed the content
User agent The learner's web browser
Userros The learner's operating system 
Userlang The learner's language
Userip The learner's IP address


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