Learner Content Completion (Instructor Dashboard)

The Learner Content Completion report displays the percentage of learner content completion by course during a specific time.  Choose a course and time period from the drilldown menus to create the report.

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Select a course and a time period from the drill-down (first image) to pull up the report (second image).

From the report, you can review how many activities have been completed by learners in each of the course sections (in this example, the sections are called "Topics").  The "0% to 100% Completed Bar" remains static and serves as a key to understanding how many activities have been completed per section. The darker the blue means that more activities in the section have been completed. Hover over each of the Topics for a tool-tip that gives the name of the Activity.

Click on each of the Sections (in this example, the sections are called "Topics") to pull up additional information related to learners.  The large text displays the name of the activity (in this example, the activity is name "The quiz activity enables".

This report will display the following:

  • Username: Learner's Name
  • Email Address: Learner's Email Address
  • Completion Status: Activity status per learner (this must be enabled in the LMS System) 
  • Score: Learner's score in the associated quiz




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