Welcome to IntelliBoard!

Welcome to IntelliBoard!

We are so glad you joined our data-loving community -- thank you!  

In addition to our main Support Portal,  we wanted to welcome you with some quick links.  Please see below. 

Getting Started & Connected

With over 90 reports and analytics, IntelliBoard is your real-time, point and click, data solution for your Moodle LMS system.  As a Moodle plugin, IntelliBoard is a subscription service that requires a connection between the Moodle system and IntelliBoard account via configured web services.  For additional details on connecting your Moodle system and IntelliBoard, please watch this guide or visit our connection support pages.

Features & Quick Links

After establishing the connection between your IntelliBoard and Moodle systems, you are ready to explore your data!  

Reports & Analytics

The main IntelliBoard subscriber and Sub-Accounts have system-wide data access and are encouraged to view their data through (external to their Moodle system).  Once logged into, users may review widgets, reports, and analytics.  These will display different data sets, but the functions will remain similar; review the consistent features here.  

Instructor, Learner, & Competency Dashboards

Beginning with a Level 3 subscription, Moodle users with a [Teacher] role may access IntelliBoard's Instructor Dashboard inside the Moodle system.   Similarly, Moodle users with a [Learner] role may access IntelliBoard's Learner Dashboard inside the Moodle system.  Beginning with a Level 5 subscription, Moodle users with a [Teacher] or Admin role may review IntelliBoard's Competency Dashboard inside the Moodle system.

Employer & Parent Accounts

IntelliBoard also provides Employer and Parent Accounts, if needed.  By logging on to (external to the Moodle systerm), Employer and Parent accounts provide an individual with the ability to review their assigned learners' course progress. 

IntelliBoard Block

Don't forget IntelliBoard's (free!) Block, which is also inside the Moodle system.  Configurable for teacher/manager/admin roles and for student roles, the IntelliBoard Block shows data snapshots within courses or activities. 

Additional details and clarification may be found at IntelliBoard's Support Portal.

Ongoing Support 

Visit our main Support Portal, email us at, book a live screen-sharing support session, or chat with us from our main IntelliBoard website.  You need your data, and we've got your back. 

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