FOR STUDENTS: Learner Dashboard Overview

Learner Dashboard (For Learners)

From the Navigation Block in your LMS system, click "Learner Dashboard".


If the Learner Dashboard does not appear, please contact your LMS System Administrator to check your role and permissions.  The Learner Dashboard is automatically associated with the [Student] Role in the LMS System; you do not need your own IntelliBoard account to access the Dashboard.

If you would like to register for IntelliBoard, please click HERE.  If you would like to visit the demo site for the Learner Dashboard, please click HERE and click the arrow in the Learner box.


1. Learner Dashboard 

To access, click on "Learner Dashboard" from your NAVIGATION block in your LMS system.  

NOTE: If you do not have access to the dashboard or one of the snapshots, please contact your LMS System Administrator. 

2. Quick Information Bar

This bar tells you the number of courses you've completed, the number of courses in progress, and your average grade in all your courses. 

NOTE:  When IntelliBoard talks about "Completions" it is referring to a Moodle setting; instructors using Moodle are provided the option to set certain completion criteria for courses or activities.  If the completion criteria is not enabled or configured for a course or activity, completion status will not display in IntelliBoard.

3. Activity Progress 

Choose a time period to review (All time, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, This Year, Last Year) from the drop-down menu in the top left corner.  The Activity Progress shows your grades in a given period compared to your peers.  Your activity and time is the green line.  This graph speaks to specific assignments completed in the given time period (not your overall course grade). 

4. Course Progress

Click the "Course Progress" tab and set your time period.  The Course Progress shows your grades by class.  Your grade is indicated by the green line; your peers' average grade by the blue bars.

MORE? Yes! Dashboard Overview, cont.


1. All Course Average & All Learner Course Average

The first number represents your average grade in all your courses; the second number is your peers' average in the corresponding courses.

2. Course Progress Details

This snapshot gives you a clear picture of your academic progress by course.  This lists your courses, your course progress (the bar is filled as you completed activities), your course grade, when you started the course and when you completed the course.

3. Assignments Overview

Click the "Assignments" tab and list all the assignments (NOTE: This is the "assignment type" in Moodle, not every single one of your assignments for the whole class) will appear.  Green means go! Red means stop! Your grades and due dates (if entered in the LMS system) will also appear.

4. Quizzes Overview

Click the "Quizzes" tab and a list of all quizzes (in all your courses) will appear.  Green quizzes are complete; red ones need your attention!  


Even MORE! Overview, Cont!



Course Success Snapshot

Note: Your LMS administrator and/or course instructor must enable completions for this graph to work properly.

This pie chart helps you visualize your course completions.  The blue represents what you have completed; the red represents what you still have to do.  Remember, completion must be enabled in the Moodle system by your instructor.



Correlation Snapshot

Note: You'll need to click the "Correlations" tab (circled) to view this!

This graph correlates the time you spent in your course (vertical axis) with your course grade (horizontal axis).  Hover over a dot to bring up a pop-up that will highlight the course, your grade and the actual time spend (hh:mm:ss; hour:minutes:seconds).  

Does more time equal a better grade? Let the data show you. 



Activity Participation Snapshot

Review your status with your course assignments! (What?! Amazing!) Activity types are separated out across the horizontal axis; the number of activities is represented on the vertical axis. The blue bar represents all the activities, the red bar indicates if you've looked at them, the yellow/orange bar indicates if you've completed them. Your goal is to make the three bars all the same height (meaning you've completed all activities).  Remember, completion must be enabled in the Moodle system by your instructor.



Learning Snapshot

Note: You'll need to click the "Learning" tab (circled) to view this!

Ever wondered where you are spending your time?  This pie graph tells you the hh:mm:ss (hours:minutes:seconds) you've spent in each activity type.  (How productive are you being?)


Courses Overview


Click "Courses" to review all your courses and activities at a glance.  

Course details include: 

  • Your Grade (Blue Circle) 
  • Completions (Note: "Completions" must be enabled by your instructor.) 
  • Your peers' average (Class Average) 
  • Your Time Spent (hh:mm:ss; hours: minutes: seconds)

By clicking a chart icon in a specific course, you can pull up additional information (second image) on grade progress.  Your grade progress is green; your peers' is blue. 


Grades Overview


Click "Grades" to review all your active courses grades at a glance.  

Grade details include: 

  • Course Start and the date when you were enrolled in the course
  • Your progress in the course (bar), along with your peers' progress average 
  • Your letter grade
  • Your completed activities (Note: your instructor must enable completions in your activities for this data to populate.)
  • Your number grade (score) 
  • Your completion status and the date you completed the course (Note: your instructor must enable completions in your courses for this data to populate.)

By clicking "Activities" at the end of the row (second image), you can review all your activities by course.  


Badges Overview


Click "Badges" to review all badges you got.

Badge details include:

  • Badge issuer
  • Criteria method that must be reached in order to receive the badge
  • Course names with your completion status and real grade you got in the course; the grade required to get the badge is indicated after the slash
  • Your progress towards this badge


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