FOR INTELLIBOARD ADMIN: Learner Dashboard Permissions


This page maps the Learner Dashboard Setting with the feature's actual location in the Learner Dashboard and then provide a detailed explanation of the feature. 

From the ADMINISTRATION block in your LMS system, click through the following: Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > Plugin > Settings

Important Reminders:

  • After it is enabled, the Learner Dashboard is automatically associated with the [Student] Role in the LMS System. Learners do not need a separate IntelliBoard account to utilize the Learner Dashboard.
  • Please note that your organization must have an IntelliBoard subscription of Level 4 or higher to access the Learner Dashboard.  


Settings > Actual Location on Learner Dashboard



This group of Time filters relate to the Activity Progress and Course Progress widgets.  

Last Month: Last full month; ex/ Today's date is August 8, 2018. Last Month would be July 2018.

Last Quarter: Last full four months; ex/ Today's date is August 8, 2018.  Last Quarter would be from April 2018 - July 2018.

Last Semester: Last full six months; ex/ Today's date us August 8, 2018.  Last Semester would be from February 2018 - July 2018.

This Year: Curent year; ex/ Today's date is August 8, 2018. This year would be August 8, 2017 through August 8, 2017.

Last Year:  Last full year; ex/ Today's date is August 8, 2018. Last Year would be 2017.


 This group of settings relates to the details on the top right corner of the Dashboard tab: 

Completed Courses: The number of visible courses that the learner is enrolled to and has completed based on the Course Completion settings for that specific course inside the LMS system.

Courses in Progress: The number of visible courses that the learner is enrolled to in the LMS system.

Course Avg. Grade: The Average Grade represents the learner's average grade in his/her enrolled courses that are visible in the LMS system (not depending on complete/incomplete status).

Course Sum Grade: 

Messages: Clicking the hyperlink will bring the learner to his/her messages within the LMS system.


Enabling Insructor Can see own students allows the Instructor to log on as him/herself and go to the Learner Dashboard.  At the Learner Dashboard, the instructor can toggle between his/her own students.  

NOTE: When providing this access, the Instructor will be able to see his/her students' full courses details.  

 5_Learner_Dashboard_Permissions_5.png Enabling Student Redirect will automatically bring users to the Learner Dashboard page upon log in. 



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