Microsoft Power BI and IntelliBoard

NOTE: You must have a Microsoft Power BI account in addition to your IntelliBoard subscription to sync your IntelliBoard data to Microsoft Power BI.

To initiate Microsoft Power BI, please click "Settings" and then "Moodle Connections".  Please note you must be logged in as the main IntelliBoard subscriber.  


To create a Moodle Connection, click "Add Moodle Connection".  For additional steps on creating Moodle Connection, please click here.

Once your Moodle Connection is created, please click the button in the "Microsoft PowerBI" column.  When it is enabled, it will turn yellow.  (Microsoft PowerBI is not enabled in the picture below.) 


Once Microsoft PowerBI is enabled in IntelliBoard, please follow the directions provided by Microsoft to sync data.  Please note that while IntelliBoard does not store data, Microsoft PowerBI does save data.

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