System Administrator Support for Parent Dashboard

Depending on the IntelliBoard plan, the main IntelliBoard subscriber may create Parent accounts.  Parent Accounts reside within an IntelliBoard plan; an additional IntelliBoard subscription and/or an additional Moodle Connection is not necessary.

For information on the number of parent accounts per plan, please click here and click "Compare Plan Details".

Parent Account Dashboard

After logging on to the Parent Account Dashboard, the user will be able to review the following reports for LMS learners assigned to the account: 

To see an overview of the Parent Dashboard, click here.

Parent Account Users

Parent Accounts may be created for individuals for whom you wish to have IntelliBoard data, but who do not have access to your Moodle system.  The IntelliBoard subscriber may assign an individual learner or a group of learners to a Parent account. While the account type is labeled parents and designed for K-12 parents, it can be utilized for other groups of people at your discretion. 

Organizations providing data to parents (and/or any other entity) are responsible for adhering to all regulations related to the release of student/learner data (i.e. FERPA). 

Parent Account Creation/Management

The main IntelliBoard subscriber manages the Parent accounts and the learners associated with those parent accounts. Click here for directions to create/manage Parent accounts.

Once the Parent account has been created, the parent may use their credentials to log directly in to to review their Parent Dashboard.  

Parents do not need access to the LMS system to have an IntelliBoard Parent Account.

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