Parent Account: Overview


The Parent Account allows a user to review Moodle data related to their assigned learners.  For questions related to your assigned learners, please contact your LMS System Administrator. 

Logging In

Using the credentials provided by your LMS System Administrator, login from  This will bring you directly to your Parent Account Dashboard (above) where you will have information on your assigned learners.

Employer Account Overview

1. Learner Toggle

Toggle between the learners assigned to you by click the three horizontal bars in the top right-hand corner. 

2. Parent Account Details

Displays the user's name, account type and expiration date (established by the LMS System Administrator). 

2. Parent Account Reports

After logging on to IntelliBoard, the Parent Account user will be able to review the following reports for LMS learners assigned to the account: 

3. Learner Activity

This info graphic displays the learner's activity within the LMS system by day.  The darker the green the box, the more time the learner has spent in the LMS system.

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