Learner Overview (Employer Dashboard)


By clicking the learners name (when hyperlinked), you will move to the Learner Overview, which provides at-a-glace, site-wide information on your learner. 


1. Learner Information

The first block contains contact information for the learner and the Learning Progress.  The Learning Progress bar corresponds to the number of courses that have been completed (course completion status must be enabled in the LMS system). 

2. Learner Information with Peer Information

The second block contains information related to both the learner and then compares the learner to his/her peers.  

Course Completion The percentage of activities completed per course toward course completion (completions must be enabled in the LMS system)
Enrolled Courses The learner's enrolled courses in the LMS system
Total Time The amount of time the learner has spent in the LMS system
Total Visits The number of visits (clicks) in the LMS system
Average Grade The learner's average grade in all enrolled courses
Module Grade The learner's grade in the associated module 


The green percentage denotes the learner's activity related to other learners based off a proprietary algorithm. 

3. Learner Activity

The learner activity is a graphical representation of when and how much time the learner spent in the LMS system by day.  The darker the green the more time was spent.

4. Learner's Time Spent

This block provides a more detailed description of the time the learner spent on site, in courses, and on activities, respectively. 

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