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Learner Statistics

1. Select Learner 

Please choose the learner you wish to review. The report will then pull with information for the chosen learner and course.

2. Search

Use the search bar to find a particular course. 

3. Share 

  • Copy: Copy rows to paste in another document.
  • CSV, Excel, PDF: Export the report in the selected form.
  • Print: Print directly from IntelliBoard.
  • More/Hamburger:  Add or remove columns from the report.
Visited Resource The name of the resource as it is listed in the LMS system
Type The type of the resource
ID The ID number of the resource
Visits The number of visits (clicks) in the activity
Time Spent The amount of time spent by the learner in the associated course
First Access The first access to the LMS system by the learner
Last Access The last access to the LMS system by the learn
Browser The browser used to access the LMS system
OS The platform used to access the LMS site

Note: If column is blank it means there is not data entered in the LMS system.

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