Competency Dashboard Overview

Prior to using the Competency Dashboard, competencies must be enabled at the system-level.  Additionally, competency frameworks must be created any assigned.

To access the Competency Dashboard, click on "Competency Dashboard" from your NAVIGATION block in your LMS system.  NOTE: If you do not have access to the dashboard or one of the snapshots, please contact your LMS System Administrator. The Competency Dashboard is available beginning at Subscription Level 5. 

The main Competency Dashboard defaults to show the following snapshots:

  1. Competency Overview 
  2. Proficiency Progress
  3. Courses Linked to Competencies
  4. Frameworks

1. Competency Overview 


This bar graph displays the site-wide competencies across the horizontal axis and the number of learners who have achieved the indicated status on the vertical axis. Each competency can be associated with up to three columns (if there are less than three columns, there are not learners with the rating).  The columns are rated and proficient (green), rated and not proficient (blue) and not rate (grey).  In the Competency Dashboard, hover over the columns for the actual number in each category.

The bottom bar indicates your total competency framework in the LMS system (FRAMEWORKS), your total number of site-wide competencies (COMPETENCIES), and the total number of learners in active learning plans.

2. Proficiency Progress


This graph displays the number of learners and their associated competencies with regard to their rating and proficiency.  Learners may be rated and proficient (green), rated and not proficient (blue) and not rated (grey).  In the Competency Dashboard, hover over the different groups for the actual number of learners in each category and their percentage of the whole.  The actual number of learners in each category are also outlined below and the total number of learners both rated and proficient is in the middle of the circle. 

3. Courses Linked to Competencies


This pie chart displays the number of courses that are assigned to each Competency.  Hover over the different sections for a tool-tip providing the specific competency's percentage of use compared to the total competencies use, as well as the total number of courses link. The key is at the bottom of the pie chart.  If there is a blue triangle, additional values exist and you should click the blue triangle or additional information.

4. Frameworks


This bar graph displays the number of Competency Frameworks as created in the LMS system.  The horizontal axis is the number of frameworks (in this example, there are two frameworks).  The vertical axis displays the number of competencies in the framework (in this example, the top framework has 8 competencies). While in the Competency Dashboard, a tooltip will appear with more details when you hover over each bar.


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