Needs Grading (Instructor Dashboard)

The Needs Grading report displays activities that learners have submitted that still need grading in the LMS system.  Please note that activities will need to be graded from the submissions page, rather than being overridden in the Moodle gradebook.


  1. Instructor Dashboard Access: Click here! For the report directory, click here!
  2. Need more help? Click here!
  3. Search: Find specific data in your report by type a word or words into the "Search" box.  Click 'OK'. To go back to the full report, delete your search words and click 'OK' again.  NOTE: This is a great way to filter by Course, Learner, etc.
  4. Export: Click the "CSV" drill down to bring up the following options: CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML. Choose your option and click 'OK'. Your data will download automatically in the format you chose.


Course Course name
Name Activity name, as entered in the LMS system
Activity LMS system Activity type
First Name First name of the student who submitted the activity
Last Name Last name of the student who submitted the activity
Date Submitted The date and time when the student submitted the activity in the LMS system
Action Clicking the action link will bring you to the submitted activity


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