IntelliBoard Block Ongoing Configuration

Note: The IntelliBoard plugin must be installed prior to using the IntelliBoard block.  The IntelliBoard Plugin can be downloaded here.   The IntelliBoard Block Plugin can be downloaded here.  The IntelliBoard Plugin and IntelliBoard Block plugin may also be downloaded from Moodle's local plugin repository.

Designed as a Moodle block, the IntelliBoard Block provides immediate course and/or activity data to a Moodle user.  Depending on preferred configuration, Moodle users can see course and activity completion, visits, time spent, grades and more. 

After the IntelliBoard Block has been configured for the first time, the Moodle Site Administrator can edit configuration settings.  For information on the initial configuration, please click here.


Additional Configuration Options include: 

1. Configure IntelliBoard Block 

Revisit/edit IntelliBoard Block settings.  You may select which widgets you wish to have an Admin/Instructor and Learner view and where the Block will appear.  Additional information about the widgets may be found here.

2. Hide IntelliBoard Block 

Click "Hide IntelliBoard Block" to hide the block from the course.  Click "Show IntelliBoard Block" to make it visible again.

3. Permissions

Click "Permissions" to change the Moodle roles allowed to add the IntelliBoard block, who can edit a block's settings, or who can view a block.

4. Check Permissions

Click "Check Permissions" to view users roles, in relation to the IntelliBoard block.

5. Delete IntelliBoard Block 

Click "Delete IntelliBoard Block" to fully delete the block from the course.  To restore, please complete the initial completion process. 

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