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Note: The IntelliBoard plugin must be installed prior to using the IntelliBoard block.  The IntelliBoard Plugin can be downloaded here.   The IntelliBoard Block Plugin can be downloaded here.

Designed as a Moodle block, the IntelliBoard Block provides immediate course and/or activity data to a Moodle user.  Depending on preferred configuration, Moodle users can see course and activity completion, visits, time spent, grades and more. 

The IntelliBoard block also provides the role-appropriate IntelliBoard links (i.e. Learner Dashboard, Instructor Dashboard, 


My IntelliBoard Block is not working.

The IntelliBoard plugin must be installed on the Moodle system for the IntelliBoard Block plugin to work.

I have a link to the Instructor Dashboard/Learner Dashboard/, but they are not working.

The dashboards and links are linked with an IntelliBoard subscription; the Learner and Instructor Dashboards begin at Level 3.  Please review pricing here

How are visits calculated? What about time spent?

Visits and time spent will be calculated from the installation of the IntelliBoard plugin and IntelliBoard Block plugin forward.  Visits equate to clicks in a course and/or activity.  Time spent is calculated based off user engagement (mouse clicks, key strokes) and may be configured in the IntelliBoard local plugin's settings in the LMS system.

Additional Support


The IntelliBoard Block is just the beginning.  Schedule a training, or even a refresher, to maximize your understanding of your data or a demo to see wider


Do you have a quick question? Don't hesitate to talk with us using the green chat box from our main website or from within your IntelliBoard account. 


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