PostgreSQL Compatibility

PostgreSQL Compatibility

The following reports and analytics are compatible with PostgreSQL with IntelliBoard Version 4.8.

 Learner Reports

  • Learner Activity Summary
  • Learner Demographics
  • Learner Status
  • Learner Status Summary
  • Login Statistics
  • Overdue Learners
  • Logins/Logout

Course Reports

  • Course Access
  • Course Content Logs
  • Course Content Utilization
  • Course Content Utilization Details
  • Course Inactivity
  • Course Progress Overview
  • Course Stats
  • Learner Progress

Activity Reports 

  • Activity Progress by Course
  • Activity Stat Summary
  • Activity Status Detail
  • Expired Certificates
  • Assignment Submission Review
  • Needs Grading

Activity Reports > Quizzes

  • Quiz Progress by User 
  • Quiz Progress by Course
  • Quiz Progress by Cohort

Activity Reports > Forum

  • Forum Post Ratio

Activity Reports > SCORM

  • SCORM Occurrence(s) by Course

Activity Reports > Resources

  • File Utilization Summary by Instructor


  • Instructor Load Summary 


  • Competency by Evidence


  • User Profile Fields Analysis 

Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard features are compatible with PostgreSQL. 

Instructor Dashboard

The Instructor Dashboard features are compatible with PostgreSQL.

Competency Dashboard

The Competency Dashboard features are compatible with PostgreSQL.

Last updated: June 2017


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