Release Notes- January 31, 2023

Release Notes for IntelliBoard Next

Version 1.31



This new integration will allow for IntelliBoard Next to pull HubSpot data including: the company, the user, the courses (products) they purchase, and purchase amount.  Those specific data points are then related to course performance and completion in Moodle. 



Default Reports and Dashboards


Newly released to the platform include:


InContact Dashboard

This dashboard combines the Total Contacts bar chart, Grade Contact Correlation scatter plot, Next Contact Date tabular report, and InContact Log Detail tabular report. It can be filtered by Course and Category.





Course Designer Dashboard 

This dashboard combines information about usage of course tools within courses and a tabular report of all courses within the selected group showing course name, instructors, major dates, and types of activities. The dashboard can be filtered by course category and courses as well as course start date.







History Button inside Notification Creator

A History Button has been created to see what was sent and when. Clients requested the ability to see a list of notifications that have been sent. This allows users to validate who received what notification and when. Note the "History" button now sits next to "Create New". 



Ability to Enable/Disable Letter Scale in Canvas


A check box is now present inside connection settings to enable or disable default grading schema. Please note that if enabled letter grade should be calculated on IBN side according to the schema and % score grade pulled from LMS. If disabled letter grades should be pulled from LMS directly. If not letter grades used for course or activity we should specify “none”


Bug Fixes

This sprint focused on remediating processing issues present and delayed data in the Needs Grading Report. Please contact if you find an issue is persistent and requires attention. We are happy to assist you.

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