How to Edit a Dashboard Filter Name



When creating a Dashboard, you can now edit the filter name to suite your specific needs.


When you are creating a dashboard, navigate to the Filter tab. You will note that this tab will appear all the way to the right of your screen- after Components and Library. 




Note there is now a new icon to the right of the filter name. It appears as three lines with dots in asymmetrical relation to one another.






Clicking on this icon will allow you to now change the filter name to better suite your needs


Changing a filter name can be an individual need or at the behest of the greater institution. Examples of when you would change a filter name include: Truncating or shortening the language per filter to ensure that the meaning is clear and concise.


You can go back into your dashboard at any time and change the filter name as needed- there is no limit to how many times you can perform this action.

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