Release Notes- February 14th, 2023


Version 2.14


Release Notes for the 2.14 sprint are included below. The focus of this latest push includes enhancements to current products and account updates to maximize efficiency within the platform.





Census Reporting



Census Reporting is available. We have implemented ability to pull all user submission even if multiple submissions have been done by a student to one assignment . We can make sure that no single user action is missed during the  "Census Period"  and all user participation is appropriately captured.


For more information on how you utilize the power of Census Reporting with IntelliBoard, check out this article: Enrollment Reporting with IntelliBoard



Feature Updates


Header Freeze

We have improved our functionality when reviewing reporting. You can now freeze report headers- thus allowing scrolling through a report without losing the header. 


Edit Dashboard Filter Name


You can now edit the dashboard filter name to matches names aforementioned in the report and report filters to ensure continuity throughout your reporting features.


Canvas Subaccount Sync inside IntelliBoard- New Roles Added 


Role filters have been revised for Canvas Specific usage.

We have now added the ability to map users to the new role “Course Category Admin” under Role Filters for Canvas. Users can be searched and synced from a Course Category Admin under IB Users. Users permissions match the SubAccount in Canvas where they were assigned and when complete, users can see only that data in the Builder.

Notification Creator- Subject Line Addition in History Section



We have now added a subject line to our Notification Creator History section! This allows users to see exactly what was included in the notification in addition to the recipient, the time, and any attachments included. This ensures that high level users can validate that contact is being made when appropriate and includes the most pertinent information.


Account Updates to Note


When logging in, there is now an option to unmask your password. This ensures that users are not locked out of their accounts unnecessarily. 





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