InContact Dashboard


We would like to introduce you to one of our newest dashboards- The InContact Dashboard.


This dashboard focuses on the Total Contacts bar chart, Grade Contact Correlation scatter plot, Next Contact Date tabular report, and InContact Log Detail tabular report. It can be filtered by Course and Category.




You will see that the InContact Dashboard is located next to the Engagement Dashboard- on the last page of the Default Dashboards in the Library. 


When you select the InContact Dashboard by clicking on the tile- you will open up the dashboard.






This dashboard is tremendously useful to note exactly who is being contacted, when they are being contacted, and any particular patterns of contact by the teacher. The table entitled "Next Contact Date" will automatically calculate when you should next reach out to a particular student- allowing you to take the stress out of deciphering when you last spoke with someone and when you should do so next. 



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