Release Notes- Feb 28, 2023


New Release: My Datasets and Publisher

Language Change: My Datasets replaces My IntelliBoard
As we continue to implement IntelliBoard Next, we heard from stakeholders that “My Datasets” would be more intuitive for some of our end users like faculty and students, who may not know “IntelliBoard”.    

New Functionality:  Publisher 
Publishing allows both the Main Account holder and the additional IB Users to publish, approve and give datasets to their teams.  

This functionality is a two-step process:
1) Datasets are published.  


2) Datasets are approved.  

Once the datasets are approved they are available under the Organization's Library and can be shared with other IB users through the Organizational Role.

All IB Users with the Report Builder permissions will be able to automatically publish datasets. 

The ability to approve a published report is a new permission available in Admin Permissions under Organizational Role.


Additional Publisher Concepts
Unique Name
As part of the Publishing feature, IntelliBoard now requires a unique name for each dataset (report, dashboard, or chart).  

Dataset (IB)
The designator of (IB) will added to a dataset created by IntelliBoard and not modified. Once modified, users will be able to edit the name.

Dataset (C)

The designator of (C) will added to any report that has been cloned by the user and not modified. Once modified, users will be able to edit the name.

Additional documentation may be found here
For additional support, please contact or your Account Manager.
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