Release Notes- February 28th, 2023


Release Notes - February 28th, 2023


This production introduced a multitude of new features now available in the platform. Please note that we have dedicated a separate release note to My Datasets and Publishing which you can find here:

My Datasets and Publisher


New Features

 Report Creator:  You Can Now Change Column Heading for Stored Calculations

You can now rename Column Headings for simplification purposes while still retaining the specific elements needed to create the stored calculations


New Option to Change Regression Line Color

When creating a scatter plot, you can now color the regression line to something that contrasts with your data! 





Ability to Enable/Disable Letter Scale Inside Moodle

You can now enable or disable the letter scale inside of Moodle as needed for your institution!



You can now clone a notification inside Notification Creator! 

You can now clone a notification and edit it as you see fit for a faster and more productive way to utilize the product and communicate essential information.





 InContact Live Canvas Data Enrollment

InContact now pulls Live Canvas Data instead of a flat canvas file. This ensures the most up to date data is always available!





Link to Activity Submission/Grading page within LMS to Activities Table Added

You are now able to click a link in a report and go directly to the Activity Submission/Grading page in the LMS Platform to review the student submission and grade it.



Report Columns Can Now Be Hidden by Default

You can now hide data that is not useful to those viewing the items you have created- such as User ID or Course ID in a report. 


Allow User to Select Course Grades When Category Name is Only Column Present

You can now see an overview of grade statistics by course category / subaccount to distinguish if any significant differences in academic rigor between divisions in your institution are present!



Preview Mode Now Available in Builder

We have created a Preview Mode in Builder- allowing you to speed up your creation and editing process. Preview mode allows you to build out a report/ dashboard as you see fit and makes changes to the item as you build it without the system timing out. 




Bug Fixes

Optimization and processing bugs were successfully addressed in this sprint and pushed to production.

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