Release Notes- March 14th, 2023


Release Notes- March 14th, 2023

Version 3.14


Hubspot is Now Available on the Integrations Page


You can now select the Hubspot card on the integrations page to enter your connection details. Please note that you will need to input your Hubspot Access token to allow IntelliBoard to read info from the account. If you need assistance with this process, please reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Portal.


New Features

Release Notes Are Now Visible on the Homepage without User Action

Release Notes are now visible upon entrance to the homepage without any action from the user. When new release notes are added, the release note will populate upon logging in and require manual exit. This ensures that new information is readily available and easy to find. You can click out of the release note upon entrance to the platform should you not feel inclined to peruse the information at that time.



Dashboard Filters Have been Reworked

You can now create a dashboard that is entirely filtered by one filter- for example, one user, one course, or one activity. Simplify your dashboards with this new filter rework!




Moodle Work Place Now Supported in Visual Builder

Native Moodle Workplace Tables support has been added to the Visual Builder. Tenants and Programs data is now available in IntelliBoard Builder as part of native Moodle Workplace Tables.


Select None Option for Calculations Now Available


When creating a stored calculation, you can now deselect items all at once by toggling the "Select All" from blue to grey as shown here. This allows you to simply click one toggle to unselect all options if they are no longer working for you and select only those that do.



InForm- Table Search Option Now Available

You can now search for table names in the Inform Table Edit Page while adding relations. This maximizes ease of use and productivity.

Notification Creator-Unrestricted Option Now Available Under Recipient Type

Building additional functionality into the Notification Creator, a new “unrestricted” recipient type has been added for Control report options. The new “Unrestricted” option allows the Notification to be sent to recipients outside of the LMS (imported to IntelliBoard through InForm) and when the notification should override the LMS permissions. Please note that the “Unrestricted” option is removing auto-filters, and is intended to allow sending datasets without limitations.
As always if you feel that you need assistance with any of the above releases or integrations- please reach out to ! We are always happy to assist you with whatever you may need!
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