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Notification Creator

Welcome to your all encompassing guide to the Notification Creator Basics within IntelliBoard Next. Please note that this document is meant to be all inclusive and includes multiple chapters. If you feel that a particular chapter does not apply to you, it is recommended that you scroll up or down to locate those areas that are of interest and apply to your account level. 

If you do not have account access to the Notification Creator, we recommend that you speak to your Administrator to discuss appropriate permissions.

Table of Contents:

1. Location of Notification Creator & Notable Terminology 

2. How to Log a Notification

3. Notification History and Notification Actions Selections

1.Location & Notable Terminology

Positioned under Apps, the Notification Creator allows end users to create their own notifications with any dataset that is available inside IntelliBoard

Note that Notification Creator is the 4th option on the drop down menu and falls directly under InContact. 

Please note that you must have Notification Creator Account Permissions Enabled in order to see this function and utilize it. Notification Creator Permissions are located under Admin Permissions. They are circled below.


It is important to note that the Notification Creator utilizes several words that may be unfamiliar to some users. We have provided a list of them here with their relative definitions to ensure that everyone is clear on what each function of the Notification Creator does.


2.How to Log a Notification

Select Create New

Create New is Listed on the Top Right Hand Side of the Screen next to History.

Here is what Create New will show you:



Give your Notification a Name and Description (These are Internal descriptors for you).


Give your notification a Subject Line and Message (These are External and others can see them)

Include an Attachment

OR do not include an Attachment if it is not applicable

Schedule the Notification

You can select the frequency with which this notification will send.

Do Not Send Empty Report is an Option that refers to the Attachment Report. You do not want to send an empty report. If this is selected, an empty report with no information will not send.


Logging to InContact

At the bottom of the notification you will see the "Log to InContact" button. This means that the notification you are creating will log to InContact if you select this and utilize this product within IB Next.


When you are ready to send your notification- you can hit save and send. OR if you are not ready to send it - you can hit save.

3.Notification History and Notification Actions

Notification History 

The History Button is located on the right hand side of the screen next to Create New. Select this option if you want to view what notifications were sent, the description included with them and when they were sent. In a nutshell, this is an overarching view of all the notifications that have been sent.



Notification Actions

To locate the Actions option- find the three dots on the very right hand side of the screen. Click on the three dots and options including Trigger, Clone, Edit, and Delete will populate.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to and one our dedicated Support Specialists will connect with you to assist! 


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