Primary Account Holders and Admins: Auto-Approve Datasets


IntelliBoard Pro now provides you with the ability to Auto-Approve Datasets 

This latest mechanism, released on March 28th, 2023 simplifies the publish process even further and ensures that you can quickly utilized IB Pro for all of your publishing needs with just a few clicks.


The primary account holder inherently can approve pending datasets. Other IB Users may approve pending datasets when allowed “Approve Pending Datasets” which is an Admin Permission under Organizational Roles.


If a user is the primary account holder or an IB User with the Admin Permission  to Approve Pending Datasets, this user will have an option to publish and approve the dataset in one action.


This allows the user with the additional permission to bypass the secondary step of approval.

All users who only have Builder permissions are still required to publish the report for approval.

If user have permissions to approve report, he/she will have an ability to bypass approval state by clicking option Share Without Approval


Please note- Publisher will not allow you to share a  report if there is already report with the same name in Organization library



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