Release Notes- March 28th, 2023

Release Notes- March 28th, 2023

Version 3.28

New Features

New Default Filters

The ability to set default value during filter creation/update has been added. This default value will be used in preview and also on first viewing of report by user.

Default values have been added for next filter types:

  1. Range filter

  2. Date filter

  3. Within Date filter


 Sub Query Filters

Column Feature has been added within Visual Builder

The ability to filter aggregated data from within the “Filters tab” in Visual Builder is now available

When adding column filter now user can select which columns to apply a filter to

IntelliCart Relations

Intellicart tables support improvements have been made for Visual Builder

 In Platform Notifications

New In Platform Notifications share important information with users on the login page and inside the platform- ensuring that vital information related to updates and upcoming changes are communicated effectively.


Sign in Attempts

Enhanced Security: After five (5) incorrect attempts, a user is automatically blocked from logging in for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the user will be automatically unblocked. While a user may contact in the interim it is no longer required.


Aggregate Line Added to Line Chart

We added the ability to create an aggregate line. This feature is available for Line Charts with Selected Separator. You can also select the line type for Aggregation Line and Color. This particular feature is tremendously useful for comparing individual student grade progress to the class grade progress so that teachers can analyze performance compared to the rest of the class.


Publish/ Published is Now Specified within Publisher

To clarify when a report or Dashboard has been submitted for approval will say “Published”. Datasets that are either pending or approved will have the “Published” state. If a Dataset is not published or declined, it will say “Publish”.


Auto Approve is Now Available 

The primary account holder inherently can approve pending datasets. Other IB Users may approve pending datasets when allowed “Approve Pending Datasets” which is an Admin Permission under Organizational Roles. If a user is the primary account holder or an IB User with the Admin Permission of Approve Pending Datasets, this user will have an option to publish and approve the dataset in one action. This allows the user with the additional permission to bypass the secondary step of approval. All users who only have Builder permissions are still required to publish the report for approval.


 Add Text in Formula Function in Builder


New Function "Modifier Conditional Contains" has been added to Formula Builder. It accepts two values “text1” and “text2” (could be a column in that row or a constant string) and it checks text1 to see if it contains text2. It returns TRUE (lazy match) if it finds text2 within text1.

 Quiz Answer Score

Quiz Answer Score (Points) has been made available in Visual Builder under Quiz Answers Table

 Quiz Attempt Core

New field ,Quiz Attempt Score (points), has been made available within Visual Builder 

Clear Cache

Ability to refresh certain dataset data only has been added

The respective button is now available within the Settings dropdown in Dataset view mode

Formula Color Codes

Formula builder improvements have been released.

Now different types of components will have their own color codes that will allow simplifying the building process  

 Save Filter as Default

The ability to set default value upon filter creation/update has been added. This default value will be used in preview and also on the first viewing of a report by a user.

Default values have been added for next filter types:

  1. Range filter

  2. Date filter

  3. Within Date filter

Dashboard Side Panels

Dashboard builder redesign has been released

Left-hand navigation panel has been removed

Ability to hide/show right-hand panel has been added

Canvas area has been made 100 % of its size in edit mode that allows organizing components fast and easy

 User Profile Page Link

Ability to add a link as a column in reports to user profile page within LMS has been implemented in Visual Builder

LMS that support that feature: Moodle, Canvas



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