LTI Connection: Moodle and Moodle Workplace

LTI for Moodle 4.x / MWP

Things to understand before you start:

1. If you are upgrading from Legacy to IntelliBoard Next, users will now access IntelliBoard from within Moodle using LTI. This provides:

1. Echo of IntelliBoard content within the Moodle environment

2. Access is tied to the user, so the right content is displayed per user – content permissions are determined by the user’s role at the Moodle site level

3. LTI also supports single sign-on from Moodle to IntelliBoard

2. If you are upgrading to MWP/Moodle 4.x, Moodle made major changes in navigation controls. The navigation menu now appears at the top as a set of tabs. Note that custom themes may interfere with this menu display.


How to enable the IntelliBoard menu item:

1. Log in to IntelliBoard in the Main Subscriber. 2. Follow directions to create a new Moodle connection

3. Process the connection for the first time.

4. Open created connection>Edit> click on the “Advanced Settings” tab and note Url, key and secret. Keep this window open or copy these values to a scratch file. You will use these to configure the LTI connection within Moodle. Note: you cannot edit these values and they are unique per client and connection. This means it is not possible to enable LTI on one Moodle site to more than one IntellIBoard account. For example, if you get these values from IntelliBoard Next Production server and set up LTI access on Moodle Demo, you cannot also enable LTI access to a Stage server on the same Moodle.



Note: if you want Learners to have access to LTI, you need to check “Enable Learner Lti” and identify the role within IntelliBoard that will control the permissions learners will have. If you don’t see a role you want to use for Learner access in this list, you will need to create it. See documentation for creating IntelliBoard roles and assigning permissions and content for details.

Create LTI Connection inside Moodle

· Log on as a Moodle Administrator

· From your main page, click Site administration.


From Site administration> go to the Plugins

Scroll down> Local plugins> Click on the IntelliData

Scroll down and find LTI Configuration section

Return to Next IntelliBoard > Connection > Edit> Open Advanced setting and

Copy URL and paste into Moodle Copy Consumer Key and paste into Moodle

Copy Consumer Secret and paste into Moodle Enter text to use for the menu item that will appear in the Moodle navigation header menu in “LTI Menu Title”

Note: Click “Display in Custom Menu” checkbox!

Click on the “Save changes“ button

Grant permission to view menu item

At this point, only the site administrator(s) can see this menu item. You must add this permission to a site-wide role to enable other users to see this menu item.

The simplest way to do this is to add the permission to the Authenticated User role. This will enable students as well as teachers to see IntellIBoard.

Click Site Administration


Click Users


Click Define Roles



Click Authenticated User



Click Edit



Scroll down to “Capabilities” and filter on “IntelliData”. Set IntelliBoard LTI View to “Allow”


Click Save changes.


Grant permission to selected users:

If you want to grant permission to view the LTI to only selected users, e.g. only teachers, you will need to create a separate system-level role, e.g. “ltiview” and assign that role to the users you want to give the permission to.

Use the Users → Permissions → Define roles page to create a new role and give it a name like “ltiview”:



Within that new role, add the “IntelliBoard LTI View” permission only:



You now need to grant this system role to only those users who should have it. Moodle provides a utility to update roles per user:

Use Moodle or IntelliBoard to export a list of usernames for all users with a Teacher role in at least one course. Use this list to construct a CSV file

The first row of the import file consists of this exact text:


Every row after that is something like


Here, “mlrobson” is a username and "ltiview" is the name of the new role that allows the LTI menu item to be visible.

It is also possible to remove the system role from a user by including a line like this:


The minus sign removes the role.

Follow the directions on the “Upload Users” documentation page referenced above to use the CSV file to add/remove roles.

Synchronize Users

In order for users to view LTI, you need to synchronize users in IB next so IntelliBoard knows what data users should have access to. See documentation for “Sync Users” for details.


At this point you should be able to log in to your Moodle/MWP site and any Authenticated User should see the "Analytics" menu in the header. Any user who has a synchronized role should be able to see whatever content you have enabled for that role. Other users should see whatever content you have enabled for your "Learner" role.


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