Release Notes- April 11, 2023


Release Notes- April 11, 2023

Version 4.11


New Features

Ability to disable IntelliBoard’s Default Grading Scale

Clients can now disable the global default grading scale across all connections. This allows for the native LMS grade scale to be pulled directly into datasets. If the several grade scales are available within the LMS, the grade scale associated to the course will display inside IntelliBoard. Named “Default Grading Scale”, this is found under the “Advanced Settings” tab while creating or editting a connection.



Automatic Instructor LTI Access

To ease administrative maintenance, IntelliBoard released an automatic Instructor LTI access. Once enabled (one click), any user in the LMS with an instructor/teacher role will have automatic access to datasets determined by the Organizational Role through the LTI in their LMS. Datasets are determined by an individual institution or organization and are set and distributed in IntelliBoard’s Organizational Role settings. Instructors will only see their courses (courses where they have a teacher role permission) within the LTI.

This functionality mirrors the existing Learner LTI and currently allows for access to My Datasets and Library. Institutions who wish to give teachers additional Admin permissions for IntelliBoard including Builder, InForm and Predictive Learning Analytics, should continue to use the existing Teacher Sync functionality provided through IB Users. Access to InContact and Notification Creator will be added to the Teacher LTI access in Q2 of 2023.



Dashboard Side Panel Extended by Default

Dashboard side panel has been set to be opened/extended by default when opening up the dashboard builder. This optimizes your time within the platform and ensures that you have the right tools at your disposal. 


Dashboard Builder: Selecting Component to Apply Filter

The ability to select which component to apply the Dashboard filter to has been implemented. This allows you to further customize your creations on the dashboard builder!



 Utilize User Grades Across Various terms in Builder!

Now additional analytics types can be built with the usual builder comparing users' grades across different Terms



Should you have any questions about these exciting new features please reach out to your Account Manager or 

We are always happy to assist you ! 

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