IntelliBoard Lite Reports

The following reports are available for IntelliBoard Lite. 
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User Reports

All Users Reports display a variety of users’ information about their course activity, grades, enrollment methods, time spent, number of visits, etc. There are filters by different indicators, i.e., filtering by course, enrollment date, roles or cohorts. You can find the full listing of All User Reports with a brief description below. 

  • Login Statistics: ThLogin Statistics report displays learner login and time-on-site, time-on-courses, and time-on-activities statistics.
  • Inactive Users in Course(s): The Inactive Users in Course(s) report combine Inactive Users and Inactive Users by Course reports. There are filters by course and activity and filter for inactivity. There are learner and course profiles as an addition.
  • Inactive Users in System (Inactive Users): The Inactive Users in System report displays all users’ creation date inside the Moodle system well as first and last access. There is a filter for inactivity based on days. 
  • User Access Analytics: User Access Analytics displays when courses are used within the user-selected date range. Data is shown for each day of the week.
  • User Engagement: The User Engagement report can be used to evaluate learner engagement through time spent in the site, courses, and activities (weighted against the total number of courses).  
  • User Site Use Summary: The User Site Use Summary report displays cumulative activity stats for specific learners. The User Site Use Summary report is frequently used to identify at-risk learners.
  • User Profile Information (Learner Demographics): The User Profile Information report displays all demographic data captured within the user profile.
  • User Status: The User Status report displays the learners course status (score, time, and completion) by course. 
  • User Status Summary: The User Status Summary report displays cumulative learner performance across all courses.

Users > By Instructor Role

  • Instructor Activity Engagement Detail: The Instructor Activity Engagement Detail report details instructor time spent for all activities used within a course.
  • Instructor Dashboard Utilization Details: Instructor Dashboard Utilization Details report and Instructor Dashboard Utilization report are very similar, but the Instructor Dashboard Utilization Details report also displays an Instructor Dashboard Report/Item column with information about Instructor item engagement.
  • Instructor and Learner Engagement By Course: The Instructor And Learner Engagement By Course report displays instructor's interactions with courses and learner's participating in the course.
  • Instructor Engagement Stats By Course: The Instructor Engagement Stats by Course report shows cumulative instructor data for each course, displaying visits, time, enrolled and completed learners.
  • Instructor Load Summary: The Instructor Load Summary report is frequently used to summarize the instructor load (students/courses) and inform student engagement metrics/completions.

Users > By Learner Role

  • Learner Success & Progress: The Learner Success and Progress report shows the progress accumulated in the course by the student and can be filtered by grade. This report is used to identify at-risk learners. The Cohort Success and Progress and Learner Success & Progress reports are very similar, but the the filters are different. The Cohort Success and Progress report allows you to filter by cohort; the Learner Success & Progress report allows you to filter by grade.

Courses > All Course Usage

  • Course Access: The Course Access report is frequently used to view learner course access and provides the ability to quickly compare the number of enrolled learners and learner use.
  • Course Access Details: The Course Access Details report displays the number of learner visits to course and time spent on course.
  • Course Content Utilization: The Course Content Utilization report displays the duration of time learners spend on specific course content/events/activities.
  • Course Progress: The Course Progress report displays learner activity progress and current score.
  • Course Stats: The Course Stats report displays cumulative course statistics filterable by course, and overall course average.
  • Course Site Summary: The Course Site Summary report is frequently used to identify courses that are active or inactive. Clicking on the course name hyperlink provides more detailed data.
  • Course Progress Analytics: The Course Progress Analytics report displays the learners' enrollment in the course and any completion.

Activities > All Activities

  • Activity Stats Summary: The Activity Stats Summary report displays cumulative data for each activity used within a course.
  • Activity Completion Stats: The Activity Completion Stats report displays learner progress bar and items completed against the total within the course.  It is frequently used to quickly view course and learner completion.
  • Activity Progress By Course: Select a course and then the Activity Progress by Course report displays learner’s activity completion by date.
  • Activity Progress By Cohort and Course: Select a course and cohort and then the Activity Progress by Cohort and Course report displays learner’s activity completion.
  • Activity Status Detail: The Activity Status Detail report displays learner completion status, engagement, and score.


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