Org Role: How to Create

To share datasets and dashboards with users within your organizations, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.   An Organizational Role is a template of datasets and permissions, which can be granted to several IB Users. 

Examples of Organizational Roles may include, but are not limited to:  1) Instructor Organizational Role; 2) Learner Organizational Role; 3) Course Admin Organizational role, 4)  All Access Organizational Role. 


Before you get started... 

  • You have to set up two components: 1) Organizational Role and 2) IB User.  

  • You must create an Organizational Role BEFORE creating an IB User. 


Where are Organizational Roles in the platform?

Direct Link:

In Platform Navigation: 

1) Under your avatar in the top right corner, click on "Manage IB Org Roles".


How do I create an Organizational Role? 

From your Avatar, click "Manage IB Users".

Then click "Create IB Org Role".


Organizational Role Components

Role Information

Important Considerations:

An Organizational Role must be active in order to assign to an IB User; to access IntelliBoard an IB User must have an activate Organizational Role. 




Account Permissions

Account Permissions are enabled with a check box and control the IntelliBoard features available to the IB User.

  Report Builder   Create, Edit Dashboards, Datasets, Charts
  Approve Pending Datasets   Approve Dashboards and Datasets created by your Organization
  Connection Settings   Create, Edit, Delete Integrations, SubConnectors
  Manage SFTP Connections   Create, Edit, SFTP Export (Notification Creator) or Import (InForm)
  Manage IB Org Roles   Create, Edit Organizational Roles
  Manage IB Users   Create, Edit IB Users
  Impersonate    Allow IB Users to log in as other IB Users to help troubleshoot.
  InForm   Create, Edit, Delete additional data tables
  Predictive Models   Create, Edit, Delete Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning
  Notification Creator   Create, Edit, Send Notifications (Reports or Direct Messages)


My Organization's Datasets 

My Organization's Datasets are any dataset (dashboard, tabular or chart) which has been created, published and approved by your Organization.  

This view defaults to the Library.  Click on the items you wish to share to the Library. 

Click to "My Datasets" Tab.  This will be populated with the items selected from the Library.  Click the items you want to automaticall add to IB Users' My Datasets. 

To best navigate Org Roles, please use the 1) Search and 2) Filters. 

Search using the Name of the Dataset; the search renders automatically. 

Filter by Dataset Type (Table, Chart, Dashboard, etc), Characteristic (Selected Item, Newest, A-Z by Name, etc), or by Organization (Created by your Organization or an IntelliBoard Default). 

Auto-Assign newly created data sets if desired.  You can share only the new datasets created by YOUR organization or by IntelliBoard, or select both to see all new items.

Set a Default Home Page

After a dataset has been added to My Datasets, it can be leveraged as a default home page.  This allows users to see their most critical dataset or dashboard immediately. 




Calculations are created through the Builder and then saved as a unique datafield.   This allows the organization to create a calculation that can be applied to several different datasets. 


  • Datasets or Dashboards that leverage the calculation will automatically be turned on.  Please do not uncheck automatically enabled selections or the calculations will not be available to the end users.
  • For IB Users who will have Builder privileges, calcuations must be enabled to appear in the Builder.


The InForm section includes tables created by IntelliBoard (InContact, PLA, and Native LMS Tables) as well as any data tables imported through InForm.  Use the filters to identify desired tables.

Note:  InForm Tables with Restricted Columns

There may be senstive data that is only available to the Primary Account Holder as noted InForm table creation.  These are organized under a separate tab and must be enabled.  If enabled, the restriction from InForm will be overriden and shared with IB users.


  • Datasets or Dashboards that leverage the InForm tableswill automatically be turned on.  Please do not uncheck automatically enabled selections or the InForm will not be available to the end users. 
  • For IB Users who will have Builder privileges, InForm must be enabled to appear in the Builder.

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