Org Role: How to Automatically Assign New Datasets to IB Users

To share datasets and dashboards with users within your organizations, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.   An Organizational Role is a template of datasets and permissions, which can be granted to several IB Users. 

IntelliBoard and my organization are publishing new datasets.  How do I ensure my IB Users have those in their Library?

Great question.  Some of your users need one or two dashboards, and you don't need them to see the new items released by IntelliBoard or your organization.  Your data team, however, can get all of the new things automatically to their Library (without you having to add them!).  

Click on "Auto-Assign All Datasets".  

This will automatically select all datasets in the category and add all new datasets released to be automatically added to the Library.   (Don't worry, this is only automatically assigning them to the Library, so your Data Champions still can decide of they want to add them to their individual My Datasets.)

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