IB Users: How to Narrow Data through Data Assignments

To share datasets and dashboards with users within your organizations, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.  An IB User is a credentialed account within IntelliBoard; this credentialed account can have specific data assignments to only see certain datasets. Additional information including FAQs can be found here


What are Data Assignments? 

Data assignments is what IntelliBoard calls the actual data/content that's going to display within an dataset (a report, chart, etc) or a dashboard.

You can assign a datasets or a dashboard through the Org Role, but the IB Users' data assignments are what controls what populates within that dataset or dashboard.

For example, you may have an Org Role of a Manager or a Dean, but that specific Dean or Manager (set through the IB User) should only see their own managees or courses.  

You can control the data which will display through the Data Assignments. 


How do I narrow the data (users, courses, etc) that an IB User is able to see? 

Data assignments is what IntelliBoard calls the actual data/content that's going to display within an dataset (a report, chart, etc) or a dashboard.   You can edit assignments for users who are created manually or imported.  Follow the steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Actions > Assignments

From the Actions column, click "Assignments". 


Step 2: Confirm your Connection

Use the drop down to confirm the connection.

Step 3: Make Data Assignments

There are different data assignment types per LMS.  Please see the links below for the data assignment types. 

There are two major columns on the assignments page: 

  • The RIGHT section shows the data assignments that are inside the LMS and available for assignment.
  • The LEFT section shows the the data assignments that have been assigned to the specific the IB User. 

To assign data, please use the following steps: 
1) Use the search box on the right section to find the desired data sets.


2) Click "Load Data" to populate the right section. (Note this is limited to 200 rows.  If you have more than 200 users, courses, etc. please use the search function.)

After the data is populated, select the data desired.  (Control + Click to make multiple selections.)  
3) Use the arrows to move the data from the right section to the left section. 

The saved assignments will appear on the left and can be reviewed by clicking "Load Data" again.


What are the different types of assignments I can make?

Because each LMS type may have different organizational tools, the assignments types available per LMS vary.  For example, all LMSes have users, but the way they organize users and courses through the system differ.  For example, Moodle has Cohorts, where Canvas has SubAccounts.  

Please find the different assignments types per LMS below.

LMS  Assignments Available 
Blackboard Learn Users, Courses, Terms, Nodes
Brightspace (by D2L) Users, Courses, Terms, Org Units
Canvas Users, Courses, Terms, Course Categories (SubAccounts)
Moodle and Totara (including Open LMS, Moodle Workplace, Open LMS Work) Users, Courses, Course Categories, Cohorts, User Profile Field, Parent Role

 If your LMS isn't listed here, please contact HelpDesk@IntelliBoard.net. 

Moodle Workplace Organization Structure
Moodle Workplace Organization Structures can be leveraged as an assignment.  Click on to enable allowing IB Users' to see the LMS users assigned to them in the Organizational Structure.

Can I add assignments when I import users?

Yes, you can either import users without assignments or with data assignments.  The choice is yours.  Please see the documentation above by LMS.

Why can I not edit data assignments for IB Users who are synced?

Synced Users are created and updated automatically with the same permissions the user has in the LMS.  We recommend we Sync users to reduce administrative weight, however if a person needs additional permissions we recommend to either manually create or import the user and then assign the data assignments.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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