How to Change my Email

I need to change my email.

...from outside of my account.

The Primary Account holder for IntelliBoard may change your email address through Manage IB Users. 
Direct Link:

If you are the Primary Account holder and cannot access your account, please contact or your Account Manager. 


...from inside of my account.

Direct Link:

  • Navigate from the top right corner.
  • Click Manage my Profile
  • Click Security Settings 

  • Scroll to Change Email.


I can't seem to change my email? Why is that?

If you are an IB User who has been created by syncing your LMS account to IntelliBoard your email will be uneditable inside IntelliBoard.  If your email updates inside your LMS platform, your account will need to be synced again after your email is updated in the LMS.  

I am getting a notification that my email is already in use? Why is that?

IntelliBoard uses email as a unique identifier.  If your email is associated to another account or already in use, it will not be able to be utilized. 

Is my email the same for my LMS and IntelliBoard? 

Often your LMS email and your IntelliBoard email are the same, but it is not a requirement for an overall IntelliBoard subscription.  Do note that for the LTI to be deployed inside your LMS, your IntelliBoard email and the primary email associated to you in your LMS must match.


Can I use the same email for IntelliBoard Lite and IntelliBoard Pro?

IntelliBoard Lite and IntelliBoard Pro are two different systems.  Your IntelliBoard Lite credentials will not work for IntelliBoard Pro and vice versa.   As such, should you have IntelliBoard Lite and IntelliBoard Pro, you can use the same email, but again this is not required.


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