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Maximing a personal experience, IntelliBoard's landing page is comprised of two main components: 1) Library and 2) My Datasets.  The Library is the repository of IntelliBoard default datasets, charts, and dashboards.  Created by IntelliBoard, these defaults intend to be added to "My Datasets" and further curated to meet your data needs.  The Library also may contain datasets created, published and approved by your organization.  My Datasets intends to be your specific, high-priority datasets.  

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My Datasets:


I want to move content from the Library to My Datasets.

After finding the content (dashboard/dataset) in the Library, open dataset. 

In the top right corner, click "Add". 

This will automatically bring you to My Datasets. 

When I add a dataset to MyDatasets, can I edit?  Is this my own copy?

You cannot initially edit a report.  You must have Builder permissions and then make a clone of the report to further edit.

When you move a report and do not edit the report, the same exact version of the report is placed in your My Datasets.  If IntelliBoard or your Organization updates this report, you'll automatically see the updates in your report. 

Note that the URL of the report has the same unique identifier, in this example /30684. 

Under Library:

Under My Datsets:


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