My Datasets: How to Create a New Dataset

Maximing a personal experience, IntelliBoard's landing page is comprised of two main components: 1) Library and 2) My Datasets.  The Library is the repository of IntelliBoard default datasets, charts, and dashboards.  Created by IntelliBoard, these defaults intend to be added to "My Datasets" and further curated to meet your data needs.  The Library also may contain datasets created, published and approved by your organization.  My Datasets intends to be your specific, high-priority datasets.  

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My Datasets:


I want to make a brand new dataset or dashboard.

Awesome! Check out all our Builder documentation here.

You can click "Create New" in the top right corner from either My Datasets or Library.

You can also use an IntelliBoard default (found in the Library) to edit as your base.


I don't have Create New button. Why is that?

It sounds like you don't have Builder permissions.  The Primary Account Holder will automatically have Builder Permissions, but IB Users must have the Builder Admin Permission enabled in their Organizational Role.  You can find more information here.

To edit reports, you must have "Report Builder" enabled under Admin Permissions. 


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