My Datasets: How to Set a Dataset as my Homepage

Maximing a personal experience, IntelliBoard's landing page is comprised of two main components: 1) Library and 2) My Datasets.  The Library is the repository of IntelliBoard default datasets, charts, and dashboards.  Created by IntelliBoard, these defaults intend to be added to "My Datasets" and further curated to meet your data needs.  The Library also may contain datasets created, published and approved by your organization.  My Datasets intends to be your specific, high-priority datasets.  

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My Datasets:


I want a Dashboard to automatically appear when I log into IntelliBoard or view it in my LTI.

We like the way you think.  Put your most used Dataset or Dashboard right at your fingertips as your initial IntelliBoard page when you log in to IntelliBoard or the LTI. While editing the dataset, please click "Set as Home" in the top right corner. 

If you want to remove it as your default, simply click "Unset as Home" from the edit view.

Once set as Default, you'll use the following navigation: 
1) Click the IntelliBoard logo to drive to your Default with a simple click.
2) Click My Datasets to return to the full My Datasets.

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