SubConnectors: What is a SubConnector and how do I make the connection?

Before you get started...

  • You must have an IntelliBoard account and have your LMS primary connection established.
  • If you are working with SubConnectors, please contact your Account Manager. 

General Overview

IntelliBoard prioritizes the LMS as the primary connection.  After you have successfully created your primary connection, you can link additional integrations as SubConnectors.  SubConnectors typically fall under 3 major categories:  1) Student Information Systems (SIS), 2) HR Information Systems (HRIS), and 3) Communication Tools.  


Where can I find the SubConnectors? 

SubConnectors can be found under the Integrations page.
Direct Link:


How do I know what is a SubConnector? 

SubConnectors are additional tools or systems that can bolster your primary LMS Data connection.

The first step of the SubConnector process is also the selection of the primary connection.  

Where can I find the SubConnectors? 

All SubConnectors can be found on the Integrations page from within the platform. 

Connection details are specific to each SubConnector and often involve creating keys in the various system.

For questions related to making a specific SubConnector, please contact your Account Manager and/or 

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