Multilevel Table Chart Type: How to build?

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, a report that groups sales by region can highlight trends that otherwise might go unnoticed. In addition, placing aggregations (such as sums or averages) for each group in your report can replace a lot of manual interaction with a calculator. Another example could be learner progress report grouped by courses and instructors in courses with aggregations by both: course and instructor.

To start building report click Create New in the Top Nav Menu.

Specify Report name and Description and hit Next.


Select Multilevel Table chart type and hit Next.

Choose connection on the last step and hit Go to Report.


Multilevel Table allows splitting data into 3 groups (break column levels)

To get started click Add and select a data field for the first break column level.

NOTE: At least one  break column level is required in order to add regular columns.

Once the first break column level is added select the second break column level.

Add a third break column level if desired.

Once all desired break columns are added regular columns can be added on Layout by hitting Add in Columns section

Keep adding desired regular columns

As result report will be grouped by defined break column levels, e.g.

Category Name -  Break column level 1
Course Name - Break column level 2
Activity Name - Break column level 3

At any point, column list can be changed, additional break column levels and regular columns can be added or removed by hitting Add button or cross button next to the column name on Layout respectively



For Each break level data specific default sorting options can be set

To select an option to sort click on field name under respective Sorting Break Column level section

Select a field by which respective break level will be sorted by
Use small black icon to define Accending/Descending sorting order for a field

NOTE: Fields that are available for sorting level depend on a data field selected as break level column. Only fields from the same table as the break column are available to be chosen as sorting options. E.g. you can select any field from Category table to sort your break level column if Category Name is chosen


Filter behavior is consistent across the platform and is similar for all chart types
Find respective support article here.



Format features are the same for Multilevel Table. Refer to the following page for details.
NOTE: break columns level order can not be changed, it is defined on layout. Only regular columns order can be changed.



Multilevel Table provides additional options for aggregations.
It allows the selection of 3 additional locations for aggregations:

break level 1, level 2 and level 3


Aggregations added to different break levels are shown next to break level.

Column name above the respective column that is used for aggregation.


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