Release Notes - July 4, 2023

Version 7.04


Filter Chips

Users can now visually display selected report filters in Report Builder!  The Filter Chips option can be enabled to help visualize which filters are chosen in the current report, clearly displaying what data should be expected and improving the user experience. For more information on report filters, check out our support docs here:


Multi-Level Tables

Multilevel Tables are now available as a chart type within Report Builder! This feature allows building tabular datasets where data can be grouped by defined columns.

This feature also provides additional options for data aggregation, making information easier to understand by dividing into sub-groups.  


For example: a report that groups student grades, or student engagement by Course Category, Course, or Activity allows highlighting trends on student performance and engagement on multiple levels, in one easy-to-read report.


For additional information, check out our support docs here: 
Multilevel Table Chart Type: How to build?

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