Connection: Moodle, Moodle Workplace, OpenLMS and Totara LMSes - How do I re-run migrations after a plugin update?

General Overview

IntelliBoard Pro leverages a standard Moodle Plugin to create a table structure that then processes Moodle data on a regular schedule into IntelliBoard Pro's unified and dynamic tables.  To ensure you have the freshed data after a plugin update or after changing connection filters, please re-migrate following the process below.

Step 1:  Review and Update IntelliData Plugin

Site Admin > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliData > General

Pathway: admin/settings.php?section=local_intellidata

From General, please review, update and save: 


  1   Migration Processing Limit Default: 100,000
  2   Migration Processing Limit Write to Temp File Default: 10,000
  3   Export file during migration Default: Yes; keep enabled
  4   Reset Migration Process Default: No; In this action, click to enable


Required Actions:

  • Change Migration Processing Limits if desired. 
  • Enable Export file during migration
  • Enable Reset Migration
  • Click Save.

Step 2:  Review and Update Cron Tasks 

Site Admin > Servers > Tasks > Scheduled Tasks

Pathway: /admin/tool/task/scheduledtasks.php

Find:  IntelliData

Required Actions:

  • Disable Export Data Task
  • Disable Files Task
  • Enable Migration Task
  • Review Cron Schedule and change if desired


How can I monitor the process to ensure it's successful?

You can monitor the process from the following pages: 

Site Admin > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliData > Migration

Pathway: /local/intellidata/migrations/index.php

Expected behavior is that the Status column reads "Completed" or "In Process".   The goal is to have all tables read Completed.

Site Admin > Servers > Tasks > Scheduled Tasks

Pathway: /admin/tool/task/scheduledtasks.php

Search:  IntelliData

Review: Migration Task 

Click on the "Logs" view

Pathway: /admin/tasklogs.php?filter=local_intellidata%5Ctask%5Cmigration_task

Review the logs for any failed attempts. 

Site Admin > Servers > Tasks > Tasks Running Now

Pathway: /admin/tool/task/runningtasks.php

Review the logs for any tasks still in process.  If a task is in process, please let it remain until it clears.

If you feel the Migration task has stopped or you wish to speed up the Migration task, please contact


Do I need to change any settings or manually process the data after the migration completes? 

No, this will happen automatically.  The migration task will automatically become disabled and the export setting will re-enable.  When the migration is complete, the data will begin processing every 24 hours.  Should you like to see your data before the data processes every 24 hours, please manually process data.


For additional assistance, please email

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