Quick Send Notifications: Sending Individuals Unique Emails from a Dataset

Empowering end users to take action, the Quick Send Notifications function is available in all datasets that include a unique user and their associated email address. Choose any or all of the users in the report by checking the box in the selection column, and click “Notifications” and "Create Quick Send Notification".  Create a message using your own text and datapoint placeholder tags (yes, any data point from a column in the report can be added). Upon send, each user will receive a personalized message with their corresponding datapoints populated in place of the tags.  Bonus, this message can also be logged to InContact for tracking and follow up!

Before you get started... 

  • Quick Send Notifications is associated to the Notification Creator.  Users who have access to Quick Send Notifications also must have access to the Notification Creator under their IB Organizational Role under Admin Settings.

  • Quick Send Notifications are not saved in the platform as a reoccuring schedule. This is a one-time notification based on a report the user is viewing.

  • Notifications will be sent from NoReply@IntelliBoard.net; users may set up their own email signature, which is automatically included in any message.  See additional information on how to set up a signature here

  • Learn the details to set up Quick Send Notifications here.

What is a Quick Send Notification?

This notification type is a way to send individual users who are in a report as a line item an email with personalized datapoint placeholder tags, which are populated by the columns in the report. 

Choose selected users from your report with a selector, and then personalize one message that will be sent to users individually. 

Quick Send Notifications are not saved in the platform as a reoccuring schedule.  This is intended to be a on-demand and instant notification.


Where are Quick Send Notifications in the Platform?

Quick Send Notifications will appear with a "Notifications" button in each report type with individual users and display with first column as a selector. 

Please note that Notification Creator must be enabled for the assigned Org Role under Admin Permissions.

What's the difference between Quick Send Notifications and the  Email option under Share?

Fantastic Question. 

Quick Send Notifications go directly to a user as a message (with no attachment type) and populated with text and datapoint placeholder tags (each column of the report may be used as a placeholder tag.)  You set up one email message, but the message is sent to individual users with only their data tags. 

Emailing should be used to send an individual or a group of individuals the full tablular report as a XLSX or CSV document.

How to Set Up Quick Send Notifications?

Learn the details to set up Quick Send Notifications here.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net


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