Release Notes - August 1, 2023

Version 8.01 
Introducing IntelliBoard’s Data Dictionary 


You asked, we answered!  Increasing transparency and empowering end users, IntelliBoard has released our Data Dictionary.  


Linked from the Success Bar (that's the question mark icon in the top right corner!), users can find a full listing of definitions and sources for all data fields within IntelliBoard's Builder.   


Integration-specific information can be found by clicking on the Information "i" icon on the individual tile after clicking Integrations. 
Showcasing New Design: Syncing IB Users  

Committed to continuous improvement, IntelliBoard is thrilled to release the first feature with our updated design: Syncing IB Users!  In the coming weeks, you'll note additional design updates, which focus on increasing accessibility and improved user experience.   


To review syncing users, please navigate to IB Users, Create > Sync. 

For more information on how to Sync IB Users (where users' IntelliBoard data assignments match their LMS permissions), please visit existing support documentation:  IB Users: How to Sync IB Users  


Advancing the Builder: Course Modules/Sections 
Making course progress data even more informative now. 

We are providing more tools for deeper course completion analysis through course modules/sections 
Course Module/Section tables have been made available in Visual Builder to help you get a more granular view of users course progress. 


Advancing the Builder: Activity Sort Order 


We help teachers to stay focused on students' success. Now activities can be organized in reports the same way they are in LMS. The activity sort order has been added to Visual Builder to reflect sort order from LMS. 


Multitenancy Support 


Multitenancy has been made available in Visual Builder to help you cover organizational analytics needs. Providing more flexibility and more insights to your partner/clients, better inform your department leads/managers with their data. 



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