Connection: Moodle, Moodle Workplace, OpenLMS, and Totara - How do I enable native data elements?

The Unified Tables structure contains the most common data elements across all the platforms supported by IntelliBoard. In some platforms, like Moodle, we also support the ability to enable access to native tables, to enable IntelliBoard to gather data from third party plugins or features of Moodle that are unique to the platform. (See Connection... Migration Part 2)

Previously this "native tables" feature did not include direct access to the Users database table, because so much of that data is included in our Unified Tables, but there are some unique data elements that can be valuable in certain circumstances. If you would like to enable the native Moodle Users table, follow these directions:

  1. Go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Local Plugins -> IntelliData -> Configuration
  2. Search on "_user" to find all native tables related to users

  3. Find the native user table. The prefix is custom to your site. The default is mdl_
    The "Export" setting must be "Enabled" in order to bring this data into IntelliBoard. Click the gear to edit.

  4. Click "Enable Export" and Save Changes
  5. The data will be added to IntelliBoard during the next data export and processing cycle. Very large sites may take more than one cycle to process. To check status, go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Local Plugins -> IntelliData -> Migrations or Site Administration -> Server -> Tasks -> Scheduled Tasks, find in page IntelliData and review the status of the tasks:

    Check the logs for the Export Data task. You should see an entry like this:

  6. After the data has been exported, the migration process needs to run:

  7. When migration is complete, return to IntelliBoard and manually trigger connection processing:

  8. You should now see the table in the InForm table list:

  9. The table is now available for use in Builder. HOWEVER, the data will not be processed until you save a report that uses this data. You will first see "data will be loaded"
  10. You now should be able to go to the Inform list, find the table, and click the three-dots menu and click Show to view the imported data.
  11. Note for self-hosted "on premises" clients: you may need to access your Admin tool to correct the data type of some elements.

Note: there is typically a short delay between enabling native data elements and when they become available in IntelliBoard.  While it does not require re-processing of connection data, it may take 15-45 minutes before data fields populate in reports.

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