How to Email a Unique User with their data included in a message (On Demand and as a Message)

I want to send an individual user (or a group of users) an one-time notification with their specific data as part of the message.

Looking for more options?  Check out other notification types:

  • I want to schedule the email, and send a notification with data in the body of the email to certain users. Leverage Distribution List, and learn more here.
  • I want to send a notification (on demand/instantly) with the full dataset as an attachment.  Leverage Emailing, and learn more here

Before you get started... 

  • Quick Send Notifications is associated to the Notification Creator.  Users who have access to Quick Send Notifications also must have access to the Notification Creator under their IB Organizational Role under Admin Settings.

  • Quick Send Notifications are not saved in the platform as a reoccuring schedule. This is a one-time notification based on a report the user is viewing.

  • Quick Send Notifications do not include an attachment. 
  • Notifications will be sent from; users may set up their own email signature, which is automatically included in any message.  See additional information on how to set up a signature here

How to Build a Quick Send Notification:

From any dataset with users as individual lines, select your intended repients.

Then click the "Notifications" button and then click "Create New

This opens a new window to personalize and send your message.

1: Distribution List is selected by default; if you wish to schedule this type of notification, please start with Distribution List from the Notification Creator.

2: Note that the filters are locked, based off what is selected in the report.

3: Select the column that represents the emails you wish to utilize in the message.  For example, if you are sending to students make sure you select the column that represents the email for the student.  (Note:  Some reports could have more than one email; a student email AND a instructor email.  Select the most appropirate column.)

4: Note that users selected in the previous screen display in the To line.  Each user will recieve an individual message.

5: Set the Notification Subject, this will be the Subject Line of the email.  Leverage Placeholders to personalize your message.

6: Write your Notification Message Body, this will be the body of the email. Leverage Placeholders to personalize your message.

7: If desired, click "Log InContact" which will allow users to log this email to InContact.

8: Click "Send Now" to send the Notification. 

9: Return to Report, but notification will not be saved or sent.

Note: An email will be sent to each selected user, individually.

What are "Placeholders" and how can I use them?

Placeholders are datasets - each column in a dataset becomes a Placeholder.  They are populated into the Subject Line and the Message.  (Think of this like Mail Merge.)


What email address sends the notification?

Emails will be sent from   Please allow/accept this email as a Safe Sender for your organization.

Can I change the email that sends the notification?

We are unable to change who sends the email (per best security practice), but you can add an email signature notifying users they should forward their request/reply to the relevant parties instead of replying to

Can I add a signature to my email? 

Yes! We encourage you to create a personalized signature.  Please see supporting documentation here


For additional assistance, please email

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