Release Notes - August 29, 2023

Version 8.29 


Dashboard Global Filters 

Get ultimate experience when building dashboards. 

Manipulate your data more efficiently, set global dashboard filers to filter data in multiple components in a single click 

To filter one component on the dashboard based on the other one “select” filter is no longer required 

Please find update instructions on our support portal Adding Global Filter on Dashboards 

InForm File Size Increase  

The maximum size per file per upload has been increased to 50mb 

Impersonate Function for IB Users 

IB Users may now log in as other IB Users if given the new Org Role Permission: Impersonate (permission granted through Org Role > Admin Permissions).  This is only recommended for IB Users who also manage other IB Users.  When enabled, IB Users can log in as or impersonate as other IB Users. For more information on IB Org Roles, please visit existing support documentation: 

New Design: IB Users – Create Manually 

Continuing with our new design committed to accessibility and consistent UX, we are pleased to release the new design for creating and editing IB Users! 

Please find additional details on how to create IB Users manually in our existing support documentation: IB Users: How to Create IB Users Manually 

Dashboards Adaptive Design 

Dashboard components names and functional buttons have been redesigned to meet adaptive design requirements for different screen sizes 

Quick Send Notifications 

Empowering end users to take action, a new function is available in all datasets that include a unique user and their associated email address. Choose any or all of the users in the report by checking the box in the selection column, and click “Quick Send.” Create a message using your own text and datapoint placeholder tags (yes, any data point from a column in the report can be added). Upon send, each user will receive a personalized message with their corresponding datapoints populated in place of the tags.  Bonus, this message can also be logged to InContact for tracking and follow up! For more information, please see additional documentation here: 

Zoom Integration Changes 

IntelliBoard now supports OAuth connections for Zoom!  This connection retains all the same valuable data from the JWT connection type, while offering better end-to-end security.  Please note that if you are using the JWT Zoom connection, you will need to switch to the OAuth type by September 8, 2023.    

Export Dataset Definition 

Dataset definition (report/chart/dashboard) parameters can be exported into json file and then imported on another account in few clicks without a need to rebuild it from scratch 

Please find more on our support portal: 

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